The DAX language

The DAX language was created specifically for the handling of data models, through the use of formulas and expressions. DAX is used in several Microsoft Products such as Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Analysis Services and Microsoft Power Pivot for Excel. These products all share the same internal engine, called Tabular.


Browse DAX functions alphabetically from the sidebar or choose a category below:

  • Aggregation functions

    Aggregation functions return a scalar value applying an aggregation function to a column or to an expression evaluated by iterating a table expression.

  • Date and Time functions

    Date and time functions help creating calculations based on dates and time. Many of the functions in DAX are similar to the Excel date and time functions.

  • Filter functions

    Filter functions manipulate table and filter contexts.

  • Financial functions

    Financial functions corresponding to Excel functions with the same name.

  • Information functions

    Information functions provide information about data type or filter context of the argument provided.

  • Logical functions

    Logical functions act upon an expression to return information about the values or sets in the expression.

  • Math and Trig functions

    The mathematical functions in DAX are very similar to the Excel mathematical and trigonometric functions.

  • Other functions

    These are special functions that cannot be classified in other categories.

  • Parent-child functions

    These functions helps flattening a parent-child relationship in a regular one.

  • Relationships management functions

    These functions manage and manipulate relationships between tables.

  • Statistical functions

    Statistical aggregation functions.

  • Table manipulation functions

    These functions manipulate and return tables.

  • Text functions

    Text functions manipulate strings.

  • Time Intelligence functions

    Time intelligence functions support calculations to compare and aggregate data over time periods, supporting days, months, quarters, and years.

Statements, Operators and Data types

As well as for functions, DAX Guide provides a reference for other entities such as:


Latest DAX functions released:

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About this Reference

The curated content of DAX Guide makes it a go-to reference on the DAX language.

DAX Guide is updated automatically, through the monitoring of new versions of Microsoft products. For every DAX function, DAX Guide offers a compatibility matrix for versions/products supported. Every function/argument is marked with attributes highlighting its behavior regarding row context and context transition.

DAX Guide integrates and expands on the Microsoft documentation.

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Context Transition

This function performs a Context Transition if called in a Row Context. Click to read more.

Row Context

This expression is executed in a Row Context. Click to read more.


Not recommended

The use of this function is not recommended. See Remarks and Related functions for alternatives.

Not recommended

The use of this parameter is not recommended.


This function is deprecated. Jump to the Alternatives section to see the function to use.


A volatile function may return a different result every time you call it, even if you provide the same arguments. Click to read more.


This parameter is deprecated and its use is not recommended.

DirectQuery compatibility

Limitations are placed on DAX expressions allowed in measures and calculated columns.
The state below shows the DirectQuery compatibility of the DAX function.


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