ALLSELECTED DAX Function (Filter)

Zwraca wszystkie wiersze w tabeli lub wszystkie wartości w kolumnie i ignoruje wszelkie zastosowane filtry w zapytaniu, ale zachowuje filtry zewnętrzne.


ALLSELECTED ( [<TableNameOrColumnName>] [, <ColumnName> [, <ColumnName> [, … ] ] ] )
Parameter Attributes Description
TableNameOrColumnName Optional

Usuwa z określonej tabeli lub kolumny wszystkie filtry, które zostały zastosowane w ramach zapytania.

ColumnName Optional

Kolumna w tej samej tabeli podstawowej.

Return values

Table An entire table or a table with one or more columns.


This function removes the corresponding filters from the filter context, restoring the last shadow filter context. It does not materialize the resulting table when called directly in a filter argument of CALCULATE or CALCULATETABLE .

ALLSELECTED can be used as a table expression when it has at least one argument.
ALLSELECTED without arguments can be used only as a CALCULATE or CALCULATETABLE modifier and removes all the filters from the filter context.

ALLSELECTED supports multiple columns as argument since May 2019.
In former versions this syntax is equivalent of ALLSELECTED ( table[column1], table[column2] ):

    ALLSELECTED ( table ),

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Contributors: Alberto Ferrari, Marco Russo

MSDN documentation:

DAX Conventions
Context Transition

This function performs a Context Transition if called in a Row Context. Click to read more.

Row Context

This expression is executed in a Row Context. Click to read more.


Not recommended

The use of this function is not recommended. See Remarks and Related functions for alternatives.

Not recommended

The use of this parameter is not recommended.


This function is deprecated. Jump to the Alternatives section to see the function to use.


This parameter is deprecated and its use is not recommended.


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