SUMMARIZECOLUMNS DAX Function (Table manipulation)

Create a summary table for the requested totals over set of groups.


SUMMARIZECOLUMNS ( [<GroupBy_ColumnName> [, [<FilterTable>] [, [<Name>] [, [<Expression>] [, <GroupBy_ColumnName> [, [<FilterTable>] [, [<Name>] [, [<Expression>] [, … ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] )
Parameter Attributes Description
GroupBy_ColumnName Optional

A column to group by or a call to ROLLUPGROUP function and ROLLUPADDISSUBTOTAL function to specify a list of columns to group by with subtotals.

FilterTable Optional

An expression that defines the table from which rows are to be returned.
The expression can be embedded in a NONVISUAL function, which marks a value filter in SUMMARIZECOLUMNS function as not affecting measure values, but only applying to group-by columns.

Name Optional

A column name to be added.

Expression Optional

The expression of the new column.

Return values

Table An entire table or a table with one or more columns.

A table which includes combinations of values from the supplied columns, based on the grouping specified. Only rows for which at least one of the supplied expressions return a non-blank value are included in the table returned. If all expressions evaluate to BLANK for a row, that row is not included in the table returned.

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DAX Conventions
Context Transition

This function performs a Context Transition if called in a Row Context. Click to read more.

Row Context

This expression is executed in a Row Context. Click to read more.


Not recommended

The use of this function is not recommended. See Remarks and Related functions for alternatives.

Not recommended

The use of this parameter is not recommended.


This function is deprecated. Jump to the Alternatives section to see the function to use.


This parameter is deprecated and its use is not recommended.


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