TOCSV DAX Function (Text)

Converts the records of a table into a CSV (comma-separated values) text.


TOCSV ( <Table> [, <MaxRows>] [, <Delimiter>] [, <IncludeHeaders>] )
Parameter Attributes Description

The table to be converted.

MaxRows Optional

The maximum number of rows to be converted. A negative number means all rows are converted. Default is 10.

Delimiter Optional

The field separator. Must be a non-empty constant string. Default is ‘,’.

IncludeHeaders Optional

If true, the header row is included. Default is true.

Return values

Scalar A single string value.

Result in CSV format.


The sort order of the result cannot be controlled.
The new line character cannot be modified.
Any quotation marks (") within the value are replaced with 2 quotation marks (""). If the original value contains a quotation mark or the delimiter, then the entire value, after the aforementioned replacement of quotation marks, is enclosed in quotation marks. The delimiter is never affected by the addition or replacement of quotation marks, even if the delimiter contains a quotation mark.
In case of need, use CONCATENATEX to create a CSV controlling the order and the new line character.

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DEFINE MEASURE Sales[ByCountry] =
	VAR SalesByCustomer = 
			VALUES ( Customer[CountryRegion] ), 
			"Amount", [Sales Amount] 
	VAR Result = TOCSV (  SalesByCustomer, 3, ",", FALSE  )
	RETURN Result
SUMMARIZECOLUMNS ( 'Customer'[Continent], "By Country CSV", [ByCountry] )
Continent By Country CSV
Asia Australia,7638059.93580003
North America United States,10312118.2484997
Europe Germany,2519890.79830002
United Kingdom,3621032.15870003

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DirectQuery compatibility

Limitations are placed on DAX expressions allowed in measures and calculated columns.
The state below shows the DirectQuery compatibility of the DAX function.


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