POISSON.DIST DAX Function (Statistical)

Returns the Poisson distribution. A common application of the Poisson distribution is predicting the number of events over a specific time, such as the number of cars arriving at a toll plaza in 1 minute.


POISSON.DIST ( <X>, <Mean>, <Cumulative> )
Parameter Attributes Description

The number of events.


The expected numeric value.


A logical value that determines the form of the probability distribution returned. If cumulative is TRUE, POISSON.DIST returns the cumulative Poisson probability that the number of random events occurring will be between zero and x inclusive; if FALSE, it returns the Poisson probability mass function that the number of events occurring will be exactly x.

Return values

Scalar A single decimal value.

Returns the Poisson distribution.


If x is not an integer, it is rounded.

If x or mean is nonnumeric, POISSON.DIST returns the #VALUE! error value.

If x < 0, POISSON.DIST returns the #NUM! error value. If mean < 0, POISSON.DIST returns the #NUM! error value.


--  POISSON.DIST returns the Poisson distribution 
--  Use case: predicting the number of events over
--  a specific time, such as the number of customers
--  entering a store in 1 hour
--      POISSON.DIST ( Value, Mean, Cumulative )
    VAR Mean            = 10 -- Expected number of customers in 1 hour
    VAR Vals            = GENERATESERIES ( 0, 20, 1 )
    VAR CumulativeTrue  = TRUE   -- Cumulative distribution function
    VAR CumulativeFalse = FALSE  -- Probability density function
    "Poisson Distr.",             -- Probability density function
        FORMAT ( 
            POISSON.DIST ( [Value], Mean, CumulativeFalse ),
    "Poisson Distr. Cumulative",  -- Cumulative distribution function
        FORMAT ( 
            POISSON.DIST ( [Value], Mean, CumulativeTrue ),
Value Poisson Distr. Poisson Distr. Cumulative
0 0.00005 0.00005
1 0.00045 0.00050
2 0.00227 0.00277
3 0.00757 0.01034
4 0.01892 0.02925
5 0.03783 0.06709
6 0.06306 0.13014
7 0.09008 0.22022
8 0.11260 0.33282
9 0.12511 0.45793
10 0.12511 0.58304
11 0.11374 0.69678
12 0.09478 0.79156
13 0.07291 0.86446
14 0.05208 0.91654
15 0.03472 0.95126
16 0.02170 0.97296
17 0.01276 0.98572
18 0.00709 0.99281
19 0.00373 0.99655
20 0.00187 0.99841

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Contributors: Alberto Ferrari, Marco Russo

Microsoft documentation: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dax/poisson-dist-function-dax

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